Life Coaching

We live in challenging, uncertain and rough times. Helping people better lead themselves and pursue what matters is pretty rad. Coaching people to recognise, attain and live an abundant life is an awesome privilege.

As a life coach, I specialise in:

  • cutting through the clutter that slows you down
  • creating a safe environment for you to discuss your fears
  • the tools to realise your life’s vision and purpose
  • giving a vision of a hope-filled future
  • identifying your deepest desires and passions
  • lifestyle design and future planning
  • brainstorming the possibilities and options in front of you
  • balancing your personal values with your professional ambition
  • motivating you to pursue what you most desire
  • …and much more.

Coaching people to recognise, attain and live an abundant life is an awesome privilege.

A while back I decided to write a manifesto of sorts, a focus for my coaching that drives my approach and style. And here it is:

I’m here to help restore people.

My purpose is to bring freedom to people. To help them smell it, taste it, touch it, explore it – then receive and create it.

Free them from mediocrity, from destructive patterns, from dead-end jobs, from boring careers, from an infatuation with self, from a future filled with fear.

I’m here to create safe spaces for people to go deep. To ask the questions they really want to explore. To talk about topics and have conversations that really matter to them.

The areas I’m targeting cannot be addressed quickly or with simple remedies. It requires a deep dive into the conscience of your own heart, to unravel the knots in your own life and work your way into the life you truly want to live.

But those knots are deep and they are tight.

Mental ill-health isn’t overcome in a single session.

Lifestyle design doesn’t happen overnight.

Career planning takes months to uncover the dreams which are hidden deep.

Relationships are built through moments of vulnerability, not a single vulnerable moment.

Identity is born out of knowing others and being known by them.

The future is deep and the path is narrow. We don’t need more guru’s signing us up to the silver bullet or the magic pill.

* * * * *

The majority of my coaching happens outside of business hours and via Skype, making it accessible for busy people with full-time jobs, as well as folks all over the world. For me, it’s not about the cash and making money. This work is what I was born to do.

If you want to live deeply, act purposefully and pursue your life with passion, let’s work together.

Simply fill out a contact form and let the future begin. Or, to read more about my business, take a look over here.


So if you are after some direction, want some help figuring out your future, setting goals and achieving great things, some life coaching is just what you need.