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Welcome to my online home, my name is Travis, great to meet you.

This is a special place for me, just like my bricks and mortar home. I hope you enjoy reading a bit about what makes this website tick.

Everything here is an overflow of who I am. The sentences and paragraphs that grace these pages come from the way I see the world. It’s my observations about things that matter, how words can make the world a better place and what it would look like for us to work together.

It is my hope that these words invoke a response within you. That’s what words do. And when placed in the right order, our world changes. We change.

– – – – –

You’ll find this space focusing on some specific topics/areas:

Maximizing Relationships
Purposeful Living
Cultural Critique and Observation
Postmodern Spirituality
Beyond-the-box Thinking

Of course, sometimes I go outside those areas, but from post to post, that’s the general theme of what you’ll find.

– – – – –

Here are some fun facts about me:

  • I’m in love with Coffee. Latte with fat milk thanks…in a mug. This is where I get my coffee.
  • Most winter evenings you’ll find me around the campfire enjoying good conversation and a red wine.
  • I live in the best country in the world: Australia!
  • I’m husband to one wife and dad to two girls, Muffin and MissMiss. Best job in the world!
  • This is what I do from day to day.
  • My lawn looks like a patchwork quilt. Sigh… (***Update: It now looks like this. #boom!)
  • I’m a sucker for a chicken parmy at my local.

The people I meet and the stories I read inform much of what I do, which comes out in my writing, my worldview, my ideas and ultimately, the way I think our world can be.

I may throw rocks at people, places or organisations from time to time. It’s how I process life. I hope you’ll forgive me, maybe even quietly cheer me on, and connect with what I’m saying.

Being human for me is actually about community, it’s about connecting and contributing.

It’s family: not arguing or staking out ground, not defining whos in or out and not destroying each other. We all belong and all have a story to share. Especially you. And I want to hear it.

– – – – –

So as you read, picture us sitting down together chatting. It may be over coffee, a beer, lemonade or red wine. We may be around the campfire, on the bus, sitting on my lawn, in your living room or out in the front garden.

Wherever we are, we can talk. We can be open. We can be accepting, but we never criticise, put down or laugh at someone’s ideas. We build bridges, not burn them. We build up, not tear down. This is family, and you’re welcome inside the house.

This is my world of thoughts, connecting with yours. I want to tell you my story and listen to yours. There are no topics off-limits here. We discuss the appropriate to the totally inconceivable.

Everything I write here is drawn from my world, my experiences, beliefs and perspective. It’s all my opinion and in no way meant to be the voice of anyone else, including my employer, clients or anyone who engages with me professionally.

I want to push the boundaries for what is acceptable. The experts tell me the best writing happens in the space where limits are pushed.

And I want to find out.

Welcome, Home. Let’s start talking.


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  1. Luke Doecke
    January 3, 2015 @ 7:03 am

    Nice. I like this house. Especially your new office. Maybe we can sit and chat there. Look forward to the new Travis Doecke webspace. Living Wide Open. Great!


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