Moving Beyond the House Church Hysteria

I ASK OODLES OF QUESTIONS. I can’t help it. It gets me in trouble sometimes, but it just seems to be part of my DNA. When I ask questions it’s about seeking a better way, or at least providing some thinking in a way that is a little off centre. I had a girlfriend once tell me to stop asking so many questions and trying to change everything! Fair to say we didn’t last.

I’ve been part of a house church for nearly four years. I love exploring ways of being the church, especially if those ways are beyond the normal method we’ve seen for the last five centuries! House church meets this criteria.

house church hysteria

Over that time the form and function of our house church has changed, as have the people and the way we operate. It’s a venture in continual progress as I learn, unlearn and relearn with a community of like-minded people what it means to be God’s people.