My One Word for 2017: Brave

I ditched resolutions a long time ago.

Instead, I’ve been following the one-word idea whereby you choose a word or phrase that will guide your year. I’ve been doing this for five years now and have found it to be helpful in creating a mega-theme for the year.

In the past I’ve chosen: Character (2012), Self-Belief (2013), Progress (2014), Build (2015) and Focus (2016). Continue reading “My One Word for 2017: Brave”

Instead, Create a New Year’s Revolution

It’s that time of year where we set in place our resolutions and the general direction for the year ahead. This morning I went live on Facebook to chat about such resolutions and offer an alternative.

You see, most resolutions are dead in the water by about the end of the first month. Yet the beginning of a new year offers an opportunity to take stock of where our lives are heading, and arrest any negative habits and trends that are holding us back. Continue reading “Instead, Create a New Year’s Revolution”

Embrace Change, Or Be Dragged Kicking and Screaming

Some people promote and seek out change for the sake of it, others go after it to achieve a vision in their mind. Still others will oppose change at every turn. The thing these folks who hate change fail to recognise is that changing our situation, circumstance and surroundings is the only thing we really have control over. Continue reading “Embrace Change, Or Be Dragged Kicking and Screaming”

How to Deal With a Less Than Perfect Day

We have sh***y days don’t we. Days when nothing seems to go well and we end up wandering what the point of it was.

Today was one of those days for me.

The problem started early when I pressed snoozed no more than three times. That meant I not only missed my morning walk (which is the activity that kick starts my day), but I was late on everything else. It was a Wide Open day which meant I didn’t have to be anywhere at any specific time. In some ways this was a problem, because if I needed to show up somewhere to punch the clock so my pay would go through, I would have skipped breakfast and some other things and just got going. Continue reading “How to Deal With a Less Than Perfect Day”

This One Question Will Determine What You Value

How do I determine my values?

Trying to figure out your values can be a frustrating process. Often the values we come up with are the standard ‘honesty, communication, blah blah blah’. Discovering our values for some can be relatively easy, because they’re self-aware or spend lots of time navel gazing, but most of us end up staring blankly at the ceiling really unsure of what’s important to us.

But there is one question that supersedes them all, which will remove the veil of uncertainty…and it is:

What really frustrates or annoys me? Then consider what the opposite feeling or value may be. 

For example, here are a couple for me…

  • I hate that I have to call someone to tell them I won’t be at work because I’m looking after a sick family member. VALUE = Time
  • I get frustrated when a person’s words and actions don’t align. VALUE = Authenticity
  • I get frustrated when I have to run an idea of program improvement pass my boss. VALUE = Autonomy
  • I get bored and annoyed when the same thing is repeated. VALUE = Creativity

And my list could go on.

So as you do this little activity, you’ll quickly discover what’s most important to you and therein lies your values. Work toward living by those and life will become much more enjoyable and purposeful for you.

So, what does really frustrate and annoy you?