The Sphere of Support that Helps Me Keep it All Together

I’m part of an email support group for coaches and other professionals.  In it the question was asked:

In your private practice and business, how have you found a way to manage your own personal professional supervision? Do you employ a private spiritual director/professional supervisor/psychologist/business coach?

This was my reply:

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Exciting News for Wide Open Coaching

I wanted to take a moment to fill you in on a very exciting development.

First, some back story… So, for a while now I’ve been exploring ways that Wide Open can give back to the community. I’ve been pondering what it would look like for Wide Open to be one part business, one part social entrepreneurship. Our society is facing many challenges, and I want Wide Open to play a part in making whatever difference we can.

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Jamie Oliver on Dyslexia, Education, Purpose and More

I came across this cool interview with Jamie Oliver who has dyslexia, where he shares his thoughts about education, dyslexia and more.

Take a look. It’s really inspiring and removes the stigma that is often attached with learning difficulties.

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Feeling crappy? It may be HALT

I’m tired. And when I’m tired my mind starts playing tricks on me. Maybe yours does too. For me, I start thinking the worst. I become negative. I get lazy and lethargic.

Instead of seeing the possible I see the impossible. Everything around me seems really hard, tough and like the world is against me.

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Happiness is a Lousy Goal

All around us, happiness seems to be the pinnacle of all human experience. Everywhere you look, there is a not-so-subtle message toward personal happiness, career success, personal freedom and other ethereal marks that round-off the whole point of our existence.

Happiness is a Lousy Goal

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