When A Hero Falls: What The Mark Driscoll Controversy Teaches Us

Mark Driscoll has been removed from the church network he started. Some of you will know him, others won’t. He’s a mega church pastor in the U.S. who has started stacks of ministry things and got a lot of influence, especially amongst church planters and young pastors. He’s been to the highest of heights, and now finds himself at the lowest of lows.

when a hero fallsI don’t really want to comment on him and his situation because I’m not keen to fuel the rumour mill. We can learn from it however because it does expose a wide-reaching condition of the human heart.

Hero worship is out of control in our society. Sports stars, politicians, activists, bloggers, business people, actors, musicians and even pastors find themselves on very public platforms. More public than ever before. And these platforms are impossible to maintain.

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Life Is Not A Competition

I’m a competitive beast. I grew up playing team sports and a passion to win at all costs. I’m also third in the pecking order of brothers which meant I needed an x-factor to be noticed. And being better at stuff meant I had a greater chance of getting attention and being accepted.

So you could say I thrive on competition.

life competitionThis competitive nature hasn’t always helped me. As I got older I noticed people better than me. Better footballers, better husbands, better friends, better writers, better gardeners. My competitive outlook meant I started to become a loser. Other people were beating me. I no longer won everything, but quickly learnt that this competitive attitude I grew up with had a dark side.

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The Unique Gift Of Children

Do you ever just sit and watch your kids? I don’t. At least I didn’t.

Last weekend I was a little flustered. Sienna was pushing my buttons and I just needed to stop. I wanted to walk away and leave her do her thing, but that didn’t feel right. Instead, I sat and watched her play. I stopped what I was doing and just admired her little creative mind do its thing. She lined up pencils, cut paper and drew rainbows. It was like water to my parched and tired soul.

sit enjoy kidsI’ve always thought that as a parent I’m here for Sienna. I’m here to care for her, protect her, grow her, inspire her, teach her and bring her up. And that’s all true. But this experience taught me that Sienna is here just as much for me. For me to enjoy. For me to admire. For me to feel proud. For me to receive joy.

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Neon Steeple is David Crowder’s return, full of original tracks and more of the Crowder lyrical prowess we have come to expect — and admire. And it’s my favourite!

crowder neon steeple

I’ve been a fan of David Crowder for many years. Ever since I first heard his unique voice on the Passion Sacred Revolution album, I’ve tracked his path and loved his musical ability.

My love affair with all things Crowder came to a screaming halt when he and his band announced that Give Us Rest would be their final album. The band members went their separate ways, Crowder took a rest and I sobbed for weeks in the corner…

David Crowder’s music takes you to another place. He’s one of those unique souls that creates imaginary in your mind, whilst having a spiritual and theological depth that you don’t often get through other Christian musicians.

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The Elephant in the Christian Missions Room

Here’s the thing I’ve noticed when it comes to Christians and mission: they generally join God on mission in a place that is familiar and already heavily populated with christians.


They light their bushel with pure intentions, yet add it to the illuminating light already present in a particular space.

To me, that’s a problem.

Everywhere you look people are talking about mission. They’re talking about how to connect with their community, spread the gospel and find ways of engaging the culture for Jesus. But in a bid to keep up with contemporary celebrity christian culture, they join the effortless and predictable mission fields.

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What Common Sense Actually Means

“That’s just common sense” refuted a teacher to a student’s stupidity. “Oh for goodness sake, please use your common sense” scolded Mum. “Some common sense by the community would be good” said the police force.

It’s a pretty familiar phrase that most of us have used at some stage. The problem however, is common sense isn’t always that common.

common sense

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The Real Reason Our Kids Don’t Learn Anything At School

That my friends, is a bin. At 10.30am. In a classroom. Yep, it’s full of chip packets, chocolate bar wrappers and other sugary drink containers.

I was horrified to see it and it struck me. “Of course our kids will struggle to concentrate and learn when their body is fueled by chips, soft drink and other confectionary crap.” It’s disgusting!

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Exposing the Religious Elite

religious eliteOne of the many things I love about Jesus is his ability to call people out on what really drives them—the good, the bad and the ugly.

Sometimes he does it with tenderness and compassion. Other times he lets them have it with a holy rage that breaks the story open. His words change individual lives and the world will never be the same again.

Most nights after dinner we read through a portion of Scripture as a family. Most recently it’s been the book of Mark.

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Church Sign Craziness

I’m a bit of a sucker for finding banners that advertise church services a bit funny, but this one takes the cake.

“Live music @ 10am. Entry is free!”

I mean seriously. The lengths some churches go to advertise their church get together is crazy.

Here’s the thing: if you were unable to do any marketing, advertising or promotion, of any type, how would people know you are a church building and gather together? If all you had were your people as a testimony, would the world around you be intrigued enough to connect? If not, something isn’t right.

It’s worth thinking about.

No More Chaplains

I found this little Insta pic funny today. Not for the fact that I don’t disagree with the statement, but I’d love to see mental health professionals do their work at the same pay rate as chaplains!

Maybe if these ‘professionals’ worked for the love of it, the kids and the opportunity to serve schools and the community, this idea may become a reality.

Chaplains do great work, but they are increasingly becoming disliked by a secular society.

Watch this space I reckon.