The Rising of a New Sun: A Special Update

Four years ago, I experienced one of the most painful stages of my life. I made the choice to end a career that I’d poured my heart and soul into. I was on the verge of some real success, but I terminated it. I didn’t really want to, but I knew I needed to. I didn’t know why, but the direction I was heading suddenly made me feel queasy. I needed to spread my wings, expand my horizons and open my eyes to new possibilities.

Wide Open Coaching are the life coaching specialist in Adelaide

I didn’t know it then, but deep down I was in search of something more meaningful, something that offered me increased freedom and which fuelled my desire to have a greater impact. When I made the choice to leave, I didn’t really know what I was going to do. I had no plan, no solution and no map for where I’d go next. But I knew it was the right thing. So I left the security of the present to embark upon the unknown.

Fast forward a few years, and I was meeting with a mentor of mine. We were drinking coffee in the upstairs lounge at Cibo’s in North Adelaide. I wasn’t in a great place, but something about that conversation helped me to dream again. I began to share with my friend the life that I wanted. I began to envisage possibilities and ideas that could be part of my future—a future that I wanted to create, not one that I was given. As I shared my heart with him an idea appeared. A seed was planted and a flame was lit. The path began to have some light.

Within weeks I’d decide to take the first step in that process, and I signed up to begin my Life Coaching certificate. I loved working with people, and I wanted to expand my reach to coach people to live the abundant life that I was fortunate enough to have found.

As I began my study I chopped and changed jobs like they were going out of fashion. One year here, 10 months there. Slowly but surely, I began to find myself in a place where I was to able hone my craft and expand on my skills, but most importantly, refine my dream.

I’ve always loved coaching, training and facilitating. I love getting together with people and watching their eyes light up with a new awareness, or helping them to see an alternate story, or simply just helping teams, families, groups and marriages really flourish.

* * * * *

People are our greatest, most valuable asset and we need to care for each other and allow one another to reach our full potential. This is a fundamental value I have and it drives every part of who I am and the activities I do. So it seemed only appropriate to join them together and create a business that allows people, both individuals and groups to find a place where they can connect, share their hopes, dreams and visions, and then help them in making those hopes become a reality.

My little project that I’ve been working super hard at over the past six months has finally reach the stage of maturity. I’m ready to kick it out the nest and see if it will fly. Whichever metaphor I use I’m super excited about sharing with the world something I’m immensely proud of.

And so my life coaching, team building and personal development project has come to life. Like a scene from transformers, a transformation has occurred and Wide Open Coaching has become a reality.

I’m all jittery as I write this because I’m scared, I’m nervous, I’m excited, I’m imagining, I’m dreaming, I’m wondering.

For a long time I sat on the sidelines and watched other people create projects, movements, organisations and businesses. Me?  I sat in my little office sulking that I wasn’t part of the wave. At some point I had to bite the bullet and go for it. Thankfully, the nudge of a friend interstate (who also happened to be a web designer) gave me the prompt I needed.

It hasn’t been easy. There have been many highs and lows to even get to this point. Lots of discussions, prayers and ideas floating around whilst we drank red wine and ate dark chocolate. In lots of ways it was the words from my wife that got me moving. We needed to do this together, and I needed to be patient, a virtue she has far more than me. And when we became united, we went for it.

And I hope you’ll come along with me. You have been an amazing support so far in this forum and I know you’ll love what is brewing and the services I’ll be offering with Wide Open.

* * * * *

So the official spiel bit…

The official launch of Wide Open will be next Wednesday evening 17th February via my email list and Facebook page.

I’d love you to like my Facebook page if you haven’t already. This will keep you up-to-date.

BUT, if you really want to be on the inside, join the Wide Open email list. I know what you’re thinking ‘another email list‘, but this one will be different. To prove so I even wrote a post about how it’ll be different. To join just throw in your details. I’ll email you once a week, that is all and you’ll stay abreast of all that is happening with Wide Open.

For now, I’m really excited about launching.

I’d love the privilege to walk with you as you live Wide Open.

Let’s do this together!


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  2. Write a blog post everyday

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