Doing What Matters is Always a Long Road

I would rather do hard things that matter, than easy things that don’t. ~ Jeff Goins

It feels like this sentiment has become common place for me at the moment and I’m not entirely sure I like it.

Somewhere along the way I was sold the lie that life would be easy, that you could achieve what you want, that your dreams can come true and that all you hoped and imagined is possible.

In some ways that’s all true, in others it’s not.

Slowly, I’m discerning that I just don’t believe it. Deep down I don’t think I ever did. I wanted to because it meant money for jam…kinda like receiving a large inheritance, you can ride the coat tails of those gone before without ever being proud of what you’ve done and the work you’ve put in, because the spoils you enjoy aren’t the work of your hands.

Parenting is hard

Work is hard

Relationships are hard

Writing is hard

Marriage is hard

Future dreams are hard

Spirituality is hard

Fitness is hard

Yet when I look at each of those areas that are tough right now, I know the path I’m walking is the right one. Oddly enough, it’s because they are hard that I feel so convinced they are the right thing to be pursuing.

I guess, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and eventually at some point the wheel will turn and the favour becomes mine.

Trust the process.

Priesthood > Pastor

pastor or priesthood

A picture speaks a thousand words…

This is a little cheeky, but true nonetheless. We’ve become a little preoccupied with what has been fed to us by the professional up the front, when all along a banquet of deliciousness awaits in the ebb and flow of relationship amongst the body of believers.

…but all of this should be done to strengthen the life and faith of the community. 1 Corinthians 14:26

Why Finishing What You Start is so Important

“Whatever you start, finish.”

That was the quote I heard from a son regarding the best bit of advice he’d received from his Dad as we celebrated his birthday.

It struck me. The plethora of unfinished tasks and projects I have lying around that I continue to abandon. I’ve wanted to quit this writing quest I’m on at the moment a number of times, but more so over the past week or so. My writing just hasn’t flowed, I’ve been treating it as an after thought in my day and rarely planned how I’d produce something of quality. But all along, as the voice in my head whispers for me to quit, something happens in my day that helps me stay the course.

And those words today were another example of urging me forward—keep going.

* * * * *

Our life goes through ups and downs—there’s no denying it. But the key is (and I’m just learning this) to keep going and keep working toward the finish line of whatever it is you started and following through on our commitments.

Most of us give up our ambitions and quit just before breakthrough comes. It happens over and over and I’ve experienced it in my own life. As I look back I wonder where I’d be if I just persisted a little bit longer rather than giving up.

It’s this secret knowledge that speaks to me as I want to quit and feel like what I’m producing is crap and pointless. These doubtful moments are a required part of the process because I’m determining how much I want this and I’m clarifying what it is that I want.

But of course if I’d quit, I’d never know just what success would look like. And I’ve done that before, so choosing to hang in there is about righting the wrong habits that I’ve formed over a number of years and quitting experiences.

It’s why I’m still going, even when what I’m producing isn’t first class, at least I’m still in the game and I’m finishing what I started.

And that’s the most critical.

A Different Kind of Job Interview

This is a fascinating look at how a distributed, worldwide and post industrial company employs people. 

And constantly gets the best talent ever! 

Being Misunderstood

Love a bit of Bob Goff.

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