Fear: Don’t Let it Win

“Never let your fear decide your fate.”

And yet, many of us do.

We all have things that freak us out and force us into hiding, searching for the safety that will allow us to recover and feel comfortable.

But the thing about fear, is that most often it doesn’t have the negative consequences we sense that it would in the beginning.

When we learn to push through our fears, one at a time, slowly, we realise they aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Our fears come at the cost of progress, so when we dwell on what is holding us back, we forego walking into the future that is possible.

But fears can be so powerful they cause us to feel numb and disallow us from even making a small step of progress.

Which is why, next time you feel that wave of fear come over you, stop and give it some focused attention and determine whether the outcomes you’re imagining from the fear would even take place.

Most likely you’ll discover they won’t.

And in that moment, take a leap, face your fear and go for it.

Do Something Special

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What to do When Nobody Cares About You

Even when nobody’s listening, there’s always one person who’s taking notice of the words on my page. And no, it’s not Mum, although she is an avid reader and sharer…(HT to you Mum).

No, that person is me.

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You Can’t Put a $ Value on Your Time

My time is valuable, but you can’t put a price on it. Time is one of my greatest values, so I try to protect it as much as possible. I always work at using my allocated hours in a way that allows me to enjoy the important things in life, plus invest in relationships and projects that have a cumulative, long-lasting effect.

We’re all worth something right? If you don’t think so, consider being forced to take a job that cut your pay in half. See, straight away you declare you’re worth way more than that! At least on a financial level anyway.

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Determine Your Values

I see people all the time making choices that really make you wonder how they got to that point. It’s not that what they’re doing is inherently wrong or bad, it’s just a little strange.

I especially see this in younger people who are still trying to figure life out, and obviously making choices and decisions on the run help to shape the person they’re becoming.

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