In Times of Change: Quote #2


“In times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.”

~ Eric Hoffer

In any time, those who choose a posture of learning and teachability will always be the ones to gain the most. And so it is with an unpredictable future and the uncertain times we live in.

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Quit Calling Your Ministry a Movement

Hip Christian Leaders are talking about starting movements. If you hang around with them long enough you’d be forgiven for thinking the whole world had come to a screaming halt.

And maybe they’re right. Or maybe not.

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The thing is, I just don’t think Jesus came to spark a movement or revolution in the way we understand those terms. It totally misrepresents the core of what he was (and is) here to do.


Sure, you could call it a revolution (or movement) but I don’t think that’s how Jesus would identify himself.

Here’s why: The methods he employed are completely different to the methods we use today.

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Leadership is a Drug and it’s Put us all to Sleep

I used to eat leadership books and theories for breakfast. I was in love with the idea of being a leader. I couldn’t devour fast enough the latest leadership concepts and ideas. But deep down, all I really wanted was to wield my influence so others would buy into my vision and ideas.


I realised the other day how far from the leadership hooha I’ve departed.

As I was listening to a podcast that used to be my favourite, I couldn’t help but have this icky feeling in my stomach. As I listened, I felt so disempowered from the way the leadership experts were talking about their teams, espousing the models of growth they use and gloating about the influence they now exert.

It all got a bit much, so I turned it off.

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It’s OK to be Carried By God

One thing I’ve noticed about myself as I’ve grown older and become more mature is that I rarely just crawl into God’s lap and enjoy his presence. Not only that, but more often I feel as though I don’t need God and I’ll be fine on my own.

carried by god

Muffin had just finished in the shower when she stepped out and I wrapped the towel around her. I was drying her off when her little eyes looked up at me and said ‘Daddy can you carry me?‘ I instantly melted. My heart went soft in an instance.

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