A Different Kind of Job Interview

This is a fascinating look at how a distributed, worldwide and post industrial company employs people. 

And constantly gets the best talent ever! 

Being Misunderstood

Love a bit of Bob Goff.

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Finally Discovering What I Write About

For a long time I had no idea what category I should put myself when it came to the words I write. This really concerned me because most bloggers and writers have a niche, a category, a field of interest that allowed them to grow and develop, not just as a writer, but also a community around their passion.


Me, I’ve never had that. And even now, I find it hard to peg myself when I explain my writing genre or interest.

But as I have written throughout my writing quest, I am becoming increasingly comfortable with the way I ‘sound’ as a writer. I feel like I’m really developing my voice and no matter what I write about, people will be able to tell that it ‘sounds like me’. I love this.

However, I was sitting in the waiting room at the chiropractor recently when suddenly the topics I specialise in and write about ‘dropped from the sky’. I quickly penned them down so I wouldn’t forget.

So the ‘topics’ I feel most passionate and enthusiastic about are:

  • Maximizing Relationships
  • Purposeful Living
  • Cultural Critique and Observation
  • Postmodern Jesus Spirituality
  • Beyond-the-box Thinking

When I read and reread that list I feel like that describes me. I feel like they are the topics that fit neatly into my sphere of interest and expertise. So now as I write, I work to stay within those boundaries and whatever comes out on these pages will lead back to any of those topics as they act like a plumb line.

Maybe I’ll unpack what they mean in a later post, but for now that’s where I find myself.

And it feels good to have some clarity and idea for what my boundaries are.

When All You Wanna do is Punch ’em in the Face

Go on, admit it, there’s been someone in your life that has frustrated the hell out of you. Maybe not to the point where you want to punch them in the face, but the words they say and their lack of empathy makes you really angry.

Please don’t be that person.

Instead, choose to be someone who listens and cares, who seeks to understand and works towards making the other person feel at ease.

Doing whatever we can to serve others in our relationships frees us up to control the way we act around people, but also the way we react.

React in a way that would make you proud by modeling the type of relationships and friendships you want to be part of. Lead the way with your actions.

And don’t punch anyone in the face, that’ll just get you in trouble.

Relational Satisfaction

It’s easy to forget how important friendships are. Like, we often become satisfied with the online connection or the occasional phone call or text message, but hanging out with friends in the flesh creates a whole new level of closeness and relational satisfaction.

I’ve been blessed these last few days to enjoy such a friendship, and it’s reminded me to always value meeting with friends face to face, as that’s where the gold is found and depth is created.

My heart is full and I’m happy.