“It’s Australian Gold My Friend”

In the echo of the great 12th Man, Australian Gold is the talk of the country.

australian goldWatching Australia win the Cricket World Cup was a fine moment for the sport, and a country that’s been through a tumultuous six months.

And Michael Clarke, take a bow. The way he has led the country through hell and back shows a lot about the type of man he is.

Watching the boys bring home the cup has made me incredibly proud.

93,013 people attended. Cricket is back on the map.

God as a Last Resort

I pity the man who has no God to seek. That was the thought that rolled through my mind as I pondered some seemingly immovable hurdles wifey and I have in front of us. We’ve tried many things and chatted to our trusted few, but the road ahead still seems narrow.


It made me realise that without asking God for breakthrough we’d just have to make do. If we didn’t have God there, even as a last resort, we’d be hope-less. If there was no option for supernatural intervention we’d have to survive on earthly knowledge and scientific wisdom.

All of which often prove futile.

It’s a moment of beauty when we are on our knees seeking the creator for answers like a child seeks their daddy for truth. I often think God likes us in these moments, not that he makes everything difficult, but that he uses these trying circumstances to draw us closer to himself, and surprise us with truth that reflects his character.

If your hurdle seems high, or your options are few, invite God into them. Ask him for supernatural steps out of the mire you find yourself in.

I know God wants to help out. And even if he is your last resort, it will be your best option to date.


Today was a sick day for me. I’m not feeling flash. It’s only appropriate my writing has a rest too. 

Best Advice Ever For Creative People


I have already settled it for myself so flattery and criticism go down the same drain and I am quite free! ~ Georgia O’Keefe.

I saw this quote at a friends house and immediately resonated. As a creative person it’s easy to get caught up in the applause and criticism of people. 

The wisest thing in both cases is to not accept either, but continue down the road you feel called to go and create the beauty you were born to create. 

The Critical Step of Simply Starting

I think we undervalue the first step. We have 5 year plans, strategic plans, mission statements, vision nights and other whiz bang ideas to help create the ideal future. Sadly, these wads of paper and ideas typically stay on the wall or in the filing cabinet. They are mostly a waste of time.


This evening over dinner wifey was sharing with me how her morning craft with Muffin turned into something way more exciting than she initially thought. We’ve been focusing on the Easter story and today Wifey had no idea what they were going to do. Normally she’s super organised, but the cool outside weather threw her off.

An idea she saw on Playschool sprang to mind, and with that little spark, she was off.

Together they began drawing a shape, sticking on bits of paper and creating an easter egg collage. The curiosity of Muffin turned the conversation toward the real meaning of easter, which was the opening for Wifey to share more about the resurrection and the freedom we have in Jesus.

The outcome was amazing, but the step out in the beginning was critical.

I think most of the time, our plans can be pretty sterile. So often we search for surety that the direction we are heading is the right one. Or we blame our lack of movement on God, claiming “is God really calling us to go this way?”.

I don’t think our future works like that. I don’t think we can fully understand or predict the way the future will unfold, and sometimes it’s pointless to do so.

But most of the time, our infatuation with planning stops us from simply starting.

This year (kicked into gear by my Epic Writing Quest) I’m learning to just start, and see what happens. And I’m finding, the first step out of the boat and into the unknown is often the easiest. Sure, it can be tough, but without it, we are just a bundled up mess of ideas that becomes frustrated because none of them ever amount to anything.

Overthinking cripples us, and we never move to action. This is the sad reality of many people.

I can’t count the number of ideas I never started, simply through fear or lack of courage to make the jump. Without the first step, every other step is meaningless. I know that sounds obvious and kitsch, but it’s true.

Instead of determining the final outcome of your new health regime, just jump and make it up on the fly.

Instead of determining if there is a market for your new product, just build it and share it and see what happens.

Instead of launching the viability of a new mission project, just love and get to know your neighbours.

Instead of wondering if you have what it takes to make a change and do something crazy, step out, start, and see what happens.

Determine within yourself to quit the procrastination and just do something different to break the status quo in your life. Life is to short to worry about the five-year outcome of what you’re thinking, so just go for it.

Many a successful man and woman had no plan, but took a leap of faith and made shit up on the run.

You can do that too.